The American Gooner is back in difficult times. Check out his thoughts on the nr1 topic van Persie:

Now would be an appropriate time for us to reflect on our great club’s motto: Victoria Concordia Crescit. Victory Comes From Harmony. What was looking like a very celebratory time with the stellar additions of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud was given a shot of negativity by the supposed captain of the team. In a statement released on his official website, Robin criticized the direction of the club and made it clear that he has no intentions of signing a new contract.

If you had asked me a week ago if I would have been bitter if Robin left, my answer would have been a definite yes. However, I feel that I would have gotten over it relatively quickly because it would have most likely been good business for the club. Robin is 30 and if we could get a good fee for him and replace then fine. But now, after the extreme disrespect he showed the club, manager, and supporters who sing his name till their voices go out has taken it too far. Robin Van Persie has slapped us all in the face and ran behind the veil of „ambition.“

In the same statement that he claims that he wants Arsenal to return to their former glory he makes it clear that he intends to put another road block on our path to that glory. He claims that he became a man at Arsenal, but then turns around with childish antics like this. It baffles the mind to read such statements from a man who has said that he loves this club.

Getting this business handled quickly is in the best interest of everyone involved. If he were to leave, I would hope that we would buy a replacement striker, potentially an Arteta-type signing that would add depth as well as experience. I can’t claim to be a transfer guru and shoot off a ton of names in world football that could replace RVP, so I won’t even try. I know that Diego Forlan was just released by Inter. It might be worth a punt to give the Uruguayan one last chance for glory? Until next time guys, stay classy San Diego.

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