The American is back with a short post of his passion about Arsenal and how he got drawn into the religion that Arsenal is. If you want to tell your story on how you became an Arsenal supporter (German or English) get in contact.

“Why Arsenal?” This is a question that I often get from fellow football fans in America. “Why don’t you pick a team that wins?” is another favourite. Well, the story of my love for Arsenal isn’t a very long one, but it is a very important one. Being from America, I could pick to support any football club that I wanted for any reason that I wanted. At first, I was tempted to support Fulham due to their history of American players. But it was a football shirt that really decided it for me. A classmate of mine was wearing the dark red Highbury shirt one day, and that shirt blew me away. It was one of the best sport uniforms I have ever seen. That day I did some research on Arsenal. I began to watch a few of the matches online and my interest grew and grew. It has since become a religion for me. Rarely a week goes by that I don’t wear Arsenal gear to work. I proudly fly the Arsenal flag high here in America and once we finally break this goal drought there will be a party and all American Gooners are invited!