The American gooner is back with a short recap of the last week and recent developments. Give him credit @AFC_Cameron.

What a roller coaster this team has been! Nobody could have told me that such a great run was possible a month ago. There have been several times this season that I have been on the verge of conceding that we wouldn’t finish in the top four. But look where we are now! We are not only competing for the ever-important fourth, but for third as well!

Another exciting bit of Arsenal news is the buzz around the incoming transfer of Lukasz Podolski. For ever a year there has been moaning about our lack of depth at striker. People have bemoaned the lack of quality from Park and Chamakh, although I think some of the criticism is unfair due to their lack of minutes. Podolski can bring us that extra bit of quality and depth that we’ve been asking for. Another thing that he has is versatility. Arsene loves to get the most bang for his buck and Podolski can be deployed up front, on the wing, and even as a attacking midfielder.

Another bit of news that has taken the footballing world by storm is the shocking situation with Bolton midfielder and Arsenal academy product Fabrice Muamba. Everybody is clearly keeping Fabrice in their thoughts and prayers, and at the time of writing this blog he is still in the hospital. Such a tragic time like this should bring all people together in support of the young man. Unfortunately, I have seen some tweets that showed an utter lack of class and tact. When a man’s life is on the line it is not a time to begin debates about whether or not it is prayers or people who can save this man. Leave those debates for another time and place. Now is the time to #PrayForMuamba whether you are praying to a personal god or simply sending well wishes.