AFC Cameron is back with a new edition of The American Gooner. In difficult times he gives us his view. Check it:

Something is rotten at Arsenal. Over the first half of this season, we have seen an extremely mixed bag of performances from our boys. Time and time again I have tried to rationalize the deficiencies of this team. We have shown that, at times, we have the capability and drive to compete with any opponent. At the same time, we have shown that we can make even the most mediocre players look like world-class talents.
A major problem with this team is a lack of cohesion amongst the XI we field each week. Our build up play has been lackluster at best and has shown an extreme reliance on miracle passes by Cazorla or a moment of class from Wilshere. Our midfield get overrun on numerous occasions which leads to our defense being ripe for the picking, and we all know that our defense has proven to be as fragile as a newborn’s head.

As seen in the Chelsea and Man City games, the team has the ability to gather itself and make a real fight in the second half of games. This is really a waste in the long run since we seem to enjoy writing off the first half altogether. Against teams with quality like Man City and Chelsea it’s suicidal to give anything but 100%. As a manager, it’s your duty to ensure that players are mentally sharp and prepared both tactically and emotionally to take on the challenges of facing big teams. We look like we carry a massive inferiority complex into matches and that’s a huge problem. It’s also the duty of the players to, for lack of a better term, act like that give a shit. Bacary Sagna has put in some woeful performances lately. I respect Bac for the services he has given Arsenal, but sports are a “what have you done for me lately” business and he needs to find his form and drive quickly.

The days until the transfer window closes are numbered. We have multiple glaring needs that NEED to be addressed. Relying on the fitness of Diaby is insanity, and Arsene has even stated this. Our reluctance to prioritize what’s best for the club over what’s best for individual players is a huge part of why we’re in this predicament. AFC needs to be more ruthless and has 2 weeks to make moves that could make or break our season. Chelsea looks to be moving beyond our reach and if we’re not careful Spurs could reach that status as well. Let’s hope we can pull a rabbit out of the hat one last time, but frankly I’m sick of that routine.