Nearly one week left and we are back in Dortmund. As we got a lot postive feedback last time we are glad to post our travel guide once more. It includes all basic facts from airport to party info. So let’s get this started:

 A) Getting there:

Dortmund airport:


Dortmund airport is the easiest way to get to Dortmund. You could take a taxi into town which will take approx. 20-30 minutes depending on traffic. Taxis will be available on departure level. Dortmund airport is not huge so it won’t be a problem to find them. Prices into town will be about 30 € depending where you’re heading. You may ask the driver for a fixed price or share a taxi with other Gooners. For prices check the info on


During airport opening hours, the AirportExpress commutes between Dortmund Central Station and the airport terminal; the travel time is approx. 25 minutes (non-stop).

The stop for the AirportExpress service is located directly on the Central Station forecourt (Königswall/City exit), near the taxi rank.The fare is 7 € one way.


You may take the train to Dortmund Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). It departs from Holzwickede station. Take the AirportShuttle for journeys between Holzwickede station and the Dortmund Airport terminal. The travel time is approx. 6 minutes.The fare is 3 € one way. For connection times to Dortmund Central station check

Düsseldorf International:


There are always taxis ready and waiting for you in front of central arrivals.

Prices to Dortmund will be around 60- 70 €.


Düsseldorf airport has it’s own railway station located in the airport itself. Just follow the signs. take the direct connection to Dortmund Central station (Hauptbahnhof). It will cost you around 25-30 €. Don’t take the ICE train as it’s more expensive. For connection times check

Düsseldorf Weeze


There will be taxis available. Transfer costs to Dortmund will probably be around the same as from Düsseldorf international. You may ask for a fixed Price.


Theres an airport shuttle service which connects the airport with either Düsseldorf or Krefeld central station. You can board a train there to get to Dortmund Central station. For connection times check

Fill in Weeze Terminal 1 as departure.


As mentioned before you may take the bus to Düsseldorf central station which is 14 € one way. Travel time will be about an 1,5h. You may also take the bus to Duisburg Central station and get a train to Dortmund from there. That will be 17 € one way and will take about 2h.

B) Getting to the Signal Iduna Park (Westfalenstadion)

By public transportation:

From Dortmund Central station local trains run to Westfalenhalle Station or SIGNAL IDUNA PARK (one station, three minutes walking distance) or by subway (U-Bahn) to the “Westfalenhalle/Stadion” stop.

On matchdays public transportation is free of charge for those having a match ticket with them. Info about that should be found on the back of you’re ticket. Please check with the Bahn staff first to make sure you’re travelling for free.

Or just have a walk with the German Gooners up from FZW (see details below)

By car

From the North: A1 to exit “Kreuz Dortmund-Unna”, A44/B1 towards Dortmund.

From the East: A2 to exit “Kreuz Dortmund-Nordost”, B236 towards Schwerte, B1 towards Dortmund.

From the South: A45 to exit “Kreuz Dortmund-Süd”, B54 towards Dortmund.

From the West: A40/B1 towards Dortmund.

C) Stay overnight

Some hotel booking sites are linked below on the off chance that you might need one.

In case you need a hotel on a short notice you’ll find one on those websites. We can recommend AO hostels Dortmund across the street from Dortmund Central station. Good value for money. You’ll find infos on

If you want to share hotel/hostel information or you have a spare room just use the comment section or tweet me @germangunners and I’ll do a retweet for you.

D) Going out prior/after the match

Some of you may already be familiar with the official Arsenal Germany supporters club. Once more they managed to book the FZW sportsbar in Dortmund for all Gooners to meet prior to the match. The FZW is in walking distance to the stadium (about 30 minutes with lots of possible beer stops inbetween) but also has a tube station (Unionstraße or Westentor) only meters away. DJ Karrera Klub from Berlin will heat up the atmosphere with some good old British classics. The FZW does serve Food (Chips, Bratwurst, Currywurst etc.) so there is no need to look anywhere else. In case the weather is fine we might as well use the beer garden. So fingers crossed.

FZW will open for all Gooners at 2pm so there should be enough time to catch up and enjoy some German beer. I will be there as well and hope to meet as many Gooners as possible.

FZW details as follows:

Ritterstraße. 20

44137 Dortmund

Tube Station: Unionstraße or Westentor

Tel: 0231-28 68 08 910


For those staying overnight or a bit longer I would suggest heading into the city centre to enjoy some of the best beers in Europe.

We recommend checking the Alter Markt area in the city center. There are many restaurants and bars to go to and a tube station near by (Reinoldikirche) which will quickly take you there from the the Stadium.

If some are unable to get to the game itself then there are plenty of bars in Dortmund that will show the game, like in the UK just keep an eye out for the Sky signs on the outside of bars and they will have the game on. Almost all of these places will operate a table reserving system so just be aware of that and try to get to places early or try to reserve in advance. The FZW will have the match on big screen as well so you don’t need to Change locations if you don’t have a ticket.

In case you need any further information or like a certain topic to be discussed please use the comment section, email or tweet us. We hope you enjoy your stay in Germany. I will be in Dortmund for the match and in the FZW from midday/afternoon. Hope to see you all there.